Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Agency In INDIA


Search Engine Marketing services utilize internet search engines to make a better the online presence of your business. Search Engine Marketing utilizes sources to get the maximum number of visitors to your site. As an experienced marketing agency, our SEM services provide quick, simple, and cost-effective solutions to get a regular flow of traffic to your website. It can be a good strategy when a business is not getting enough traffic organically, using conventional SEO techniques. With SEM, search engine optimization techniques are used along with paid advertising techniques in order to get faster and more effective results.


Leadbrine offers the following SEM services – 


  1. Market Analysis – We analyze the market regarding your product and study your competitors to understand their approach.


  1. Keyword Research – When we analyze the competitors, we study their targeted keywords and find keywords that have a decent search and cost little blow or have better ROI.


  • Ads Design – We create unique and attractive ads to attract the audience’s attention and make a mark on their mind about your product


  1. Ads campaign management – Once the ads are live, we study the response and make adjustments so that we reach the audiences more efficiently 


  1. Analysis and Reporting – Once a campaign has run for a decent amount of time where it has drawn enough data, we study them and make the next campaign for better return and we can also study your target audience’s behavior too. 


Difference between SEO SEM and PPC


  • Search engine optimization works to improve website structure and content in order to better rank on the SERPs, get high-converting traffic and boost organic search engine ranking. It involves both on-page and off-page optimization.


  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)is a way of paid ads that aims to promote the brand across multiple online platforms, these include search engines, websites, and social media channels. In paid search advertising, payment is made for each action on your PPC ads.


  • Search engine marketing uses both SEO and PPC. But it is more inclined toward paid search. In SEM, payment is made for placing the website at the top of specific search results.


SEM uses a paid advertising model. Pay-per-click marketing is focused on increasing brand awareness and attracting target customers via paid search ranking techniques. Search engine marketing utilizes both SEO and PPC to their maximum potential to deliver the best results possible.


If you want to rank your ads or want to design an ad for Google ads or YouTube ads or want to better market your brand, contact Leadbrine. We offer affordable SEM packages and even have trail packages starting from just 600 INR.

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