Performance Marketing Services

Performance Marketing Services

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A performance marketing campaign means an internet marketing campaign where advertisers pay marketing organizations or advertising platforms based on the outcomes they achieve, like clicks through rates or conversions.

While conventional and organic marketing, performance marketing in India is done in order to drive more activities and monitor and measure those actions while assigning the return on investment (ROI) of each campaign, or activity.

Big organizations spend millions of dollars on branding, while most small and medium-sized enterprises concentrate on the bottom line in order to survive. Performance marketing company in India returns this control to the advertiser by allowing them to measure their return on the online ad campaign.

How is Performance Marketing Different from Digital Marketing Campaigns?


While Digital marketing focuses on aspects such as SEO, SMO, and SEM. Performance marketing is boosting the ads of your brands on platforms like Google ads, and Facebook ads depending on products and target audience. Even if you just have a YouTube channel or an eCommerce store, you can do performance marketing in order to more of your target audience.


We have expertise in Performance Marketing 


Our Performance Marketing service is here to enhance your sales and maximize your profits. Our strategies include – 


  1. Digital Media Strategy Creation – We create unique plans for your brand to achieve the goal. We set up small milestones and constantly track progress in order to ensure the success of the campaign
  2. Creating Lead Generation and Sales Campaign – We create effective campaigns to reach high conversion rates by reaching your target audience. We reduce the gap between company KPI and results. 
  3. Social Media Marketing – It can create the biggest impact on your consumers. We study the analytic and click-through rates of the ads very precisely so that we can optimize the ads timing and target for better sales. 
  4. Search Engine Optimisation -SEO is important to rank higher. Get plagiarised free content and white hat SEO done in India for a faster and authentic higher rank in Google search results. 


What is the performance indicator in a Performance Marketing Campaign –


The best indicators in a report which determines how successful a campaign has been are:

  1. CPC (Cost Per Click) – Refers to the money spent to get the viewers to click on the ad.
  2. CPM (Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand) – Refers to the money spent to get 1000 impressions on your ad.
  3. CPA (Cost Per Action) – Refers to the money spent to reach the target audience and get them to do a certain action like downloading an ebook, or subscribing to the newsletter.
  4. LTV (Life Time Value) – The total amount spent on the campaign or the advertisement in the ad’s lifetime.


Benefits of Hiring Leadbrine as a Performance Marketing Agency in India


Benefits we can achieve through the Performance Marketing Services in India:

  • Achieve sales goals
  • ROI-Focused ad expenditure
  • Lower risks
  • Expert suggestions from experienced marketing agents
  • Zero unnecessary ad spends, start with a small trial of 2000 INR with Leadbrine.